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Tory Lynn Long


I'm new to the community and kind of a returner to WitchCraft. I have recently returned, with the good graces of my husband, from a ten year hiatus when regarding magick, so I'm kind of a re-newbie in most of the aspects of the Craft. My current guides (the books I carry with me nearly everywhere in my house) are To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf, and Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practioner by Scott Cunningham. I am very interested in getting back into this, and my husband is being very supportive, buying me spell books and almanacs and (eventually) supplies that I need for an altar. Which kind of brings me to a few questions:

1. What is essential for an altar?
2. What other books do you recommend for study of the craft? I'm actually very interested in the Strega Tradition and the Celtic Tradition.
3. My husband is Christian. How do I explain this to him (and possibly help him towards participation, if he wants) without damaging his Christian perspectives.

More stuff about me... I'm an English teacher in California. I am taking up a year and a day of study to decide if this is right for me (which I am relatively sure that it is), and hopefully I will get tenure during that time, so that I won't have to deal with the anti-pagan tendencies of the Conservative element of my school. I will probably be dealing with this all year, so any support that I get through this (and other) communities, will hopefully be quite helpful and fullfilling.

Thank you all for your help, well in advance.

Blessed Be,

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