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a poem by me

Window Gaze
as i sit by the window i gaze outside.
stare at a tree, i do.
i gaze into it's branches. study it's leaves.
i wonder if it is a she or he.
dose it care to be?
mabey it is a she.
after all we do say MOTHER nature.
then my eyes move around.
the search for something new.
i look up high, way up in the sky.
i stare at the clouds.
i watch them move by, in their funny little shapes.
i see a bird and follow it to the ground.
it pecks at a crumb and i smile.
it hops around in search of more.
then it gets up and flys away.
i see a man and his dog walk by.
the dog shakes his tail.
i search for something new.
my eyes find my stew.

Alli Hickey

Copyright ©2002 Alli Hickey
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