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Hey There


I have kinda been lurking around this community for long enough and I figured it was about time I said Hi and told you all a bit about me.

I have been a practicing Witch for the past 14 years.  I started off working with a very nice, friendly coven in the town where I was brought up.  Unfortunately at the age of 17 I moved to another city to attend University (Not yet finished the course - Got rather ill but am going back in September) and had to leave my coven behind.  I worked with them long distance, making it home for the important rituals and generally once a month to continue my lessons.  Eventually I learned enough to pass my 3rd degree.  Now, I could have my own coven but I cannot find a group of people I feel comfortable working with so I practice as a solitaire. 

My pet peevs in the "Pagan" community are those who say they are "pagan" (be that wiccan, druid, norse etc) just for the sake of making a fashion statement.  There are many genuine people out there who really want to learn and I am more than happy to share with them.  Another pet peeve is those who maintain that you cannot be a Witch without a coven..  One,  I am a Witch, not a Wiccan (there is a bit of a difference) and 2, Says who?  Oh that's right Gerald Gardiner the guy who also said that only a witch can make a witch...  So if that's the case who made him???

The pantheon that I work with is the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon.  I like researching into the darker side of the craft (not necessarily evil stuff - just not mainstream wicca), I prefer lunar magic,  I perform a lot of Ceremonial Magic (because that was what I was taught in my coven and I feel comfortable with it).  I work mainly with crystals and Aromas but have recently rediscovered herbs and am making a fresh start with learning about those.  I read Tarot, Scry, Meditate and am kinda in th process of learning the Runes...

Hope I haven't scared anyone off...  LOL,  I really do have a lot to offer anyone who would like to learn.
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